Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Vacation in South Korea

hi guys :) this is my first blog^^...
it's  May 16 -Tuesday-05:32pm korean time .

I"ll be sharing my vacation in south korea with you guys and i'm hoping that you'll enjoy it.And this is for you to have a li'l idea of how is it to live in south korea,are koreans nice?are their foods delicious?do we have something in common regarding their cultures?

Alright!I'll start from the very beginning :)

My sister invited me to go to south korea ;so she told me to get passport(since i dont have it yet hehe :) . It took me almost two months to get my passport,which was so f***ng annoying!!(you need to get an appointment and wait till next month, and apply for it and wait another month to release it >_< ) and after that I applied for my SOUTH KOREAN Visitor's visa and wait a week to release it.After a week they released my passport and i was so nervous that time because it was so hard to get a visa during that time ...and tadadadadadan i opened my passport when they gave me it(YEHEY I GOT THE VISA VALID FOR 90 DAYS OR 3 MONTHS)

JANUARY 20 was the date of my entry but since i had to prepare my things and stuffs i decided to go there on the 27th of the same month.My flight  schedule was 1:20am (duh!it was so hard to fly this early )so i need to go to the airport 4 hours earlier than the given time.It was mixed of excitement and nervous because that was my first time travelling outside the country and i was all by myself.What i did was i talked to my co-filipinos ask them how's korea?and blah blah blah...

After 3 and half hours of Travelling we arrived at the INCHEON INT"L AIRPORT January-27- 5 :45 am korean time.I was aware that it was cold in south korea that time ,but i did not expected that it was that cold...I thought my jacket was thick enough but when we were outside the airport i was freezing;and for the first time in my life i saw snow LOL(it was amazing!the mountain are filled with snows,the trees are brown hehe :P
My sister and her husband(korean) fetched me from the airport..They are living in Hanam City(5 minutes away from SEOUL CITY)It was 2 HOurs drive away from INCHEON..

The first thing i did when we got home was to sleep :) it was tiring...heheh

The first thing that i noticed while I was in korea was their politeness which is the same with pinoys .Eventhough you're just one year older ,they will call you unnie,noona,(or ate in filipino)hyung (or kuya) or if someone who is married you have to call him ajussi(married guy)her ajumma(married girl)..Their language is quite confusing because they are so specific.

My first weekend:

What we did was to eat in a korean restaurant.What i noticed was They serves alot of side dishes; and they can't eat without kimchi (spicy permented cabbage,raddish),and they're like eating kimchy during breakfast till dinner ^_^.And i also tried the SOJU (it's like a korean vodka) Makgeolli (korean rice wine ).I liked the taste of Makgeolli better than Soju.Makgeolli is not that hard compared to soju.You should thry them to have a taste of korean alcohol :)

I reccomend if you'll go in korea to  try Dongdaemon market,namdaemon market(for bags),and jamsil station( for clothes) they are cheaper and you can choose alot,because they have varities of clothes and shoes.

It was strange during my first grocery shopping experience in SOUTH KOREA,unlike here in the Philippines we have someone to pack our stuffs and to assist us.But in S. korea you are the one who will pack your stuffs/grocery that you bought and no one will help you heheh :) and their plastic bags are not free you have to pay for it,b'coz if you will not buy plastic bags you will carry your grocery without bags hahaha...hindi sila tamad!:)

Another new experience in S. korea....
IF you're gonna eat in fast Foods in south korea ,they have this "SELF SERVICE POLICY" -if you ordered your food you have to get it ;no one will serve it for you,and if you finish eating you are the one who will clean your table you have to throw your trash no one will throw it for you.If you left your trash they will know that you're a foreigner heheh...
And another thing: most of the fast food establishments has drink all you can (softdrinks) but not in Mcdo...i tried to asked for another drink when we ate their ,but they dont have that drink all you can :( I was so embarrased!!!
So if you want unlimited COKE go for LOTTERIA(korean fast food chain)


Noraebang ( Karaoke/videoke ) pasensya na Feel na feel ko :))

It was fun having noraebang in south korea most likely if you're with pinoys .
If i'm not mistaken we did it plenty of times heheh .
Good thing about their noraebang is it's cheap \ 20,000 korean won or 600 pesos per hour; and they have alot of tagalog/filipino songs.So after a week of tiring work this  is what they are doing (the filipinos )

But if you are a Party People or Club person I reccomend ITAEWON which is the Foreigner capital of SEOUL.Because most of the foreigners are living there and  one of the us bases is located in itaewon.Itaewon has alot of bars and restaurants and you can go there using Subway line 6...the best time to go there is during saturday night!

Another spot for partying,drinking is JONGNO3GA.This is the spot for gays,lesbian :) Jongno is the downtown of seoul.You can enjoy alot of bars in this area.

So if you're planning to visit korea these are the best places to go PARTY PEOPLE.

One of the most famous establishments in South korea is the SAUNA BATH ; it's open 24/7.And you can actually stay there as long as you want.But ofcourse you need to pay for it.There is one sauna near our house and you just need to pay \10,000 won (regular)but if you'll stay for  30 days,i think you need to pay \130,000 won(more or less 3000 pesos).When i tried the public sauna i was so ashamed at the same time im enjoying it b'coz alot of naked guys were walking around me :)

And I also tried the Gay sauna ( It was more fun than the ordinary sauna hihihi :P )
if you wanna know the rest of the story ,just ask me!im not gonna tell you the details here!:))One of the gay saunas is located in sinchon.

This is one of the most popular Tourist's attraction is S. korea.It is located in Namsan Seoul.
it is also a  communication and observation tower located in Namsan Mountain, central Seoul, South Korea. 
In order for us to go up there we have to ride on a cable car.While We were ridng in it we saw the view of the Seoul city and it was also spring that time so you can see the blooming of cherry blossoms while seeing the beautiful seoul city :)
(while we were inside the cable car)

here are some pictures of us in namsam tower:
(at my back is the LOCK SOMETHING hehe..they said that if you put a lock on it and someone opened it she/he will be your destiny ^^ )

 cherry blossoms
 eating korean street foods
 with my nephew

During my last week here in korea they held a festival for foreigners(workers,immigrants) mostly of the participants are Filipinos,Chinese,mongolians,pakistani,bangladesh and alot more.The church was the one who organized this festival :)

 (my sister and her friend)

(with some pinoys from the event)

That's it!! my vacation in korea heheh :) .I actually enjoyed my 4 months stay here in south korea.It is a nice peacefull place.no traffic,nice weather,great foods,nice persons.

During my stay in Korea i met alot of persons.Different races different attitudes but i was so lucky that i made alot of friends and i will miss them for sure.I'll miss hanging out with them. South korea is one of the nice places that you would love to visit.
And im sure that i'll be back here to try new things that i haven't tried,and to meet new friends...

and i'll be back in the philippines on friday ( may 20 ) to enroll and to continue my studies.And  of course i missed Pinas so much..i missed Sisig,Balut,kwek kwek,isaw and alot more..
Most specially i missed my friends heheh..